Dates Pollen Extract (Phoenix dactylifera L) as Infertility Therapy in Men

Devi Rahmadiani

  • Devi Rahmadiani Universitas Lampung
Keywords: date palm pollen, male infertility


Introduction Infertility is one of the problems faced by couples who want to have children. Infertility in a year occurs as much as 15% in couples who expect pregnancy. Aim; analyzed that the antioxidant content in DPP can counteract free radicals and prevent oxidative stress. Method; The analysis is carried out with a systematic literature review method by examining, identifying, assessing, and presenting it. Result; found various studies showing that DPP extract has an effect to prevent and treat infertility. Conclusion; that there is a decrease in sperm quality due to increased oxidative stress due to an imbalance of antioxidants and free radicals


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Author Biography

Devi Rahmadiani, Universitas Lampung

Fakultas Kedokteran


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